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Runescape News

06/08/2015Next Month Double XP Weekend

Next month, 72 hours of XP-boosted excellence is coming your way. We have started to  prepare for RuneScape's next Double XP Weekend!

From the moment the in-game clock hits 12:00 UTC on 25th September until 12:00 UTC on 28th September, all RuneScape members will enjoy double XP off their training. Free players won't miss out, with +20% XP on the training on the same period.

Double XP weekends are a lot of the biggest, noisiest, XP-firework-filled fun you could have in RuneScape, so don't lose out – get prepped now by stocking high on charms, vials, seeds or other supplies you should have with the biggest gains.

The weekend will probably be just one single area of a September set with community events and competitions – check for more info inside coming weeks!

29/11/2013About our website is a trusted site which is providing the legal RuneScape Gold, it including the RuneScape Old School Gold 2007 and RuneScape 3 Gold. We ensure our RS Gold is legit, and wholesaled it from the market; also some of them are farmed by our professional gold farmers.

We always trying our best to provide the cheapest RuneScape Gold, you can obtain 60 cents/M. If you are regular customer, you can obtain the 50 cents/M Gold with our coupon and discount code. The delivery method is face to face, it is the fastest RuneScape Gold delivery method, and buyers can get your cheap and fast RS GP in only 5 minutes.

21/11/2013Runescape Updates Combat Beta and Available for Testing

Speaking of new abilities to Runescape Gold, we accept alien one new ultimate ability, affiliated to the Constitution skill: Momentum. This new adeptness is advised to advice players embarking on continued Slayer assignments. Once you accept congenital up abundant adrenaline you can use Momentum to access your auto-attack accident by a cogent amount. However, application addition adeptness will conciliate Momentum. The abstraction abaft this new adeptness is to accord Runescape players a beneath input-intensive way to bullwork through continued Slayer tasks to make RS Gold.

With the addition of all these new abilities, what bigger time is there to acquaint the new adeptness book interface? Afterwards alert to your acknowledgment about the old adeptness book, we accept taken the befalling to absolutely re-design the adeptness book to accomplish it added convenient and prettier to attending at Buy RS Gold!

15/11/2013you need to increase your defense to 20

Following the path that I have given you, you need to increase your defense to 20. After what has been obtained to work your attack to 20. After reaching the desired attack and defence objectives, increase your strength of 25.Make sure to not run out of food, if you are short, stop training and go take a little! I do not want lose you your equipment. The bank nearest if you in it ya in the Bank Falador that you went throw to come up to the village.At this point if you have not already done, I recommend strongly that you get better equipment. At this level, you need to buy or make full Mith armor shield, and I propose a Mith Scimitar or mith as your weapon battle axe. If you do not have the money I suggest mining as a way to make money quickly. Once you have obtained your head gear to Al Kharid. Once done this quest, you will be able to move freely. Go to the courthouse in which you beat you level 9 Al Kharid warriors.

When you attack a guard guards nearby will come to attack. Therefore, try to fight by a place where one kind can hit you at once.I would say that you get a full armour with a weapon Addy.Addy road follow I you give in Varrock sewers. Here, you must attack the level 18 skeletons that Hare just after the zombies continue to kill these skeletons until you have reached at least level 45. Don't forget to keep switching between your attack, strength, and Defense, try to keep them as close to level as possible or do what you want to.I would concentrate on Moss giants in Varrock sewers. As I said eailier try to get full rune. It is usally many players there a large part of the time. But his agreement to share the exp. If you do not want to try another world. I would say the construction of a power up to 5 levels at a time and then m switching.I proud of reaching you juice away. If you want an another upgrade guide.

06/11/2013Buy Cheap Runescape Gold to Enjoy the Missing and Presumed Dead

The newest podcast in RuneFest has provided more details about the dwarf awards. New task, only members can participate in. This task is to be released into the game of our most important story for age 6. Foul murder, mysterious message, strange appearance with familiar faces, but the real thing a real epic, this is just the beginning. Uncovering the veils of the mysterious, cheapest rs gold can help you here

Mystery one: death has disappeared.

Death has disappeared because of the Icthlarin - the god of the underworld, who is trying to fill up the blank he left. At any other time, Icthlarin might have been successful, but there has been Locke Paterdomus temple, neusoft slaughter in the nearby mountains. Can't you hope Icthlarin followed, and keep their bodies tethered to the dead? The death thus becomes unknown fact, isn’t it? Perhaps you’ll find that Icthlarin has an un irresistible power to drive you to buy runescape gold cheap to play more.

Mystery two: Guthix will break or not?

The first task is to find out who committed the massacre. Then, it's time to find out what kind of death has been achieved. He has already been Death napped? After his death, his god Guthix is broken or not? This mystery took many great twists and turns, and far beyond the traditional whodunnit. It is firmly in the age of 6, so we are looking forward to a few god sets for the disappearance of death mystery. You will get satisfied to work with Icthlarin: engaged in and complete the voiced and well-known figures; Explore graphics lush environment; get a unique high-level rewards and death animations!

01/11/2013Runescape 3 Birthright of the Dwarves

This week, Runescape 3 bring you Birthright from the Dwarves: the fifth and final entry inside the Rise on the Red Axe series of quests.

Voted for by you, and featuring enemies, activities and rewards made by the RuneScape community, this Grandmaster quest marks a spectacular end to one of RuneScape's longest-running and most effective loved story arcs. There's tough combat, choices to create that'll impact the fates of the quest's characters, and some smashing rewards also, such as access to 3 dragon weapons; a brand new monster; in addition to a new D&D based inside the Lava Flow Mine that can get you an Imcando pickaxe a mining pick that can destroy ore for extra XP

25/10/2013Tips and Hints are Powerful Warlord in Runescape

Have you pay attention to the tips and hints in Runescape gold In fact, the two points are powerful warlord for all of you.

Runescape is a unbelievably well-liked role-playing movement picture game based flash How to play You can play online. The movement picture game world is unbelievably generous continuing the collection initiated over 15 many years by MUDs, inside of the graphical environment. So when you do not presently play some high end MMORPG with a monthly subscription, you may possibly want to give Runescape a try. Right here are some tips, hints and recommendations to help you on your method to getting a powerful warlord, using the help of money fast and easy leveling places well and other important details.

Go to Port Scrim or west of Dray, or village, and ask between the folks in blue uniforms to go to Karajan and pay 30 GP. When you get there, walk around the dock and you also should see a house. Key in the home and speak with a man named Tours and Runescape gold. It will prompt you using the bananas. Response Yes, choose bananas, put them in the crate, and then talk for you to definitely collect Tours moderately earned 30 GP. Would you like more money in multiples of 30, ask him to acquire 30 GP for doing the job once again another.

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